Friday, 12 December 2014

Festive Favourites

Hello lovelies!
As if it is December already! I'll blink and it'll be Christmas! I've been trying to get my Christmas shopping done asap as I hate leaving these things last minute, however the men in my family are the worst for telling you what they want days before so I still have a few more gifts to get and also write out Christmas cards for friends and family too. I'm getting there slowly but surely. I thought I'd make this post very festive for you all and show you all what I enjoy about this time of year. Enjoy! :)

Christmas jumpers are my absolute fave! The more festive the better I say! Luckily Work allow us to rock our jumpers up until Christmas Day so it always makes a nice change from the standard uniform and getting into the festive spirit. Also I really enjoy working on Christmas Eve as it is easy work and everyone is all together, wearing our jumpers and blasting the Christmas songs.
I love receiving an Advent Calendar, my inner child buzzes off stuff like that. My Mam always gets a Disney Princess themed one, bless her! Even when I'm really old I'll be buying them haha!
Of course Christmas would not be complete without Christmas songs! I adore them and I really like how they don't really update them either so the songs I've grew up hearing, I still hear to this day. My favourite Christmas song of all time has to be Last Christmas by Wham! Normally I leave it 'til Christmas Eve to wrap presents as I get that little excited spark inside me in time for Christmas Day, however I have broke my tradition this year and began wrapping them early as I have quite a busy month ahead and being organised always gives me peace of mind.Christmas Pyjamas and Slippers always go down a treat in my household. Even my brother at the age of 27 still enjoys this aspect haha! I saw these and it was love at first sight, too much cuteness!These have been on my wishlist for a while now after I did my first night of Visual Merchandising back in November, where we put out all the Christmas stock and these two cute things caught my eye straight away, I love a good novelty item. I mean how adorable is this tea pot though! <3
 Since we have Christmas dinner in the dining room, my Mam always decks it out so lovely! She's very creative and I always enjoy seeing the different ways she decorates it. It is a combination of pinks, blues and oriental as my Mam loves the culture.
 And at last I see the liiiiiiiiiights! ...I love the variety of styles, shapes and colour schemes and the effect they create either in the hallway, up the bannister and of course on the tree.
 The tree in the hallway, which I now decorate on my own (my brother used to help but I don't think he enjoys it as much as I do) always fills me with nostalgia. We have accumulated a variety of Christmas decorations over the years. When my parents travel, my Mam has always bought a bauble from wherever in the world they visited and it goes on the tree. It always amazes me that we have some from years and years ago and remembering the first time ever putting them on the tree. The 'Jasper' house is one of my all time favourites, that was bought when my family went around Canada for 3 weeks and Jasper was one of the places we visited. Again very similar with the Koala decoration, Australia was another one of these long holidays and we have a memento of it on our tree. The globe decoration is a new one for this year, my Mam bought it for my Dad but I don't think he's that interested in that kind of stuff but I think it is so cool! I love the colours of it as it gives an old fashioned kind of feel to me. I have caught on to this tradition my Mam has myself and I've started to collect decorations from my holidays or trips in the year, however I want to save mine for when I have my own place and tree to decorate as I think that'd be really sweet.This little fella is another nostalgic decoration but for a different reason, they used to go on my Granddad's Christmas tree when he lived at his old house, now that he lives with us we like to mix his decorations in with ours.
These guys are my absolute favourite decorations! I remember going with my Mam to a garden centre when I was really young and she asked me to pick two new decorations for the tree and these are what I chose. They are called Icicle and Flipper and I always put them near the top of the tree.
This year my Mam surprised me with these absolutely stunning Disney decorations. I love the glitter and the detailing along the dresses. My Mam knows that Ariel and Belle are my favourite princesses and I absolutely adore these thoughtful gifts! Also just behind them is Pocahontas, another Disney character I adored as a child. We sometimes watch old family videos and in one of them I went through a phase of Pocahontas, my bed, pyjamas, slippers, you get the idea haha!
And lastly, I really enjoy going to Church. I know that isn't everyone's cup of tea and that's ok. It's always been a tradition with my family to go to the Carol Service the sunday before Christmas however as the years have gone on, people grew out of it and work commitments sometimes means they miss it, myself included but I always try to go if I can. But I've always gone to Church on Christmas Day with my Gran and my Dad, it's like a tradition now and I really enjoy the sense of community and I thoroughly enjoy singing carols and hymns, my favourite has always been Hark! The Herald Angels Sing. It usually makes me feel the most Christmassy and festive.

Thanks for reading and Let me know your festive favourites or any traditions you have :)

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