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August 01, 2015

Animal Crossing New Leaf | #1 Introduction

This is my first instalment of my Animal Crossing New Leaf series, which is for the Nintendo 3DS. As I have already started the game ages ago I don't have any original beginning screenshots, the ones I did have were on my old phone which broke and it was only recently that I worked out you could take screenshots with the 3DS so a lot of these images are from recent gameplay but nevertheless it won't really effect what's going on in these posts.

(Image taken from Google)

So to begin, my character's name is Vasey and I live in a town I named Sunshine. In the beginning you are on a train and greeted by Rover, a cat who is well known in the AC world from the original game back in 2002 or so which he mentions in the game, he sits down opposite you and asks you questions like what you name is, the town you're going to, the map (this is a new feature, you can choose from a range of maps now) and then asks other questions, the latter decides on your character's appearance. If you are wanting to know the different outcomes there is a chart here to help you out. Don't worry if you don't like the hair style/colour or eye colour as you can change this later on.

Then you come off the train and at the station you are welcomed by special character, Isabelle (a dog) and three others villagers who greet you excitedly thinking you are the new Mayor. My initial villagers were Tabby (a cat), Robin (a bird), Nana and Deli (two monkeys). It turns out the Mayor was meant to turn up and the villagers and Isabelle mistake you for the new Mayor. Eventually you end up becoming the Mayor of your new town. I set the date to my birthday so on the game I became Mayor on my birthday :)

Isabelle is a secretary to your character in the game, so she begins giving you gaming tips and advises you to go around the town and greet all the villagers in your town and gives you other little suggestions which help you out with getting started in the game. Isabelle also hosts a small ceremony in the town plaza to plant a ceremonial tree to commemorate the day you become Mayor (where I'm sat on the images above). After you have completed those you can begin to start doing what you want on the game and beginning your new adventure.

Thanks for reading! <3
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