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August 09, 2015

Animal Crossing New Leaf | #4 Fish Tourney Champion!

After my last instalment of this game, I thought I would talk about the Fishing Tourney which is an event which occurs in the months of October 'til May. It starts from 9am to 6pm and is hosted by a special character called Chip who is a beaver. The event is the same idea as the Bug Off, only the fish are judged purely on the size. Again there is special furniture to collect here which I found has gone well with my mermaid and underwater themed decor of my home on the game. Again, it annoys me that you can be given ordinary furniture too alongside the rare ones, but eventually I'll collect the items I'm after. Like the Bug Off, after 6pm to 9pm there is an award ceremony in Chip's tent and then afterwards itt shows on the bulletin board who the winners are. I think out of the two I much prefer the Fishing Tourney as fishing is one of my favourite past times on the game.


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