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August 08, 2015

Animal Crossing New Leaf | #3 The Bug Off Champion!

Welcome to your latest instalment of Animal Crossing New Leaf. Today I thought I would talk about one of the contest of the game called The Bug Off. This event occurs usually in June, July, August and September and is a bug catching competition hosted by a special character called Nat who is a chameleon. The competition starts from 9am and finishes at 6pm. During this time, you can catch as many bugs as you like, you can win prizes for setting the record and get more prizes if you keep beating your record. Some of the items are rare and can only be received this way, but sometimes Nat gives you ordinary stuff which I think is a rubbish feature personally. My determination for a LadyBird Chair still lives on! After 6pm you enter the tent in your town's plaza and there is an award ceremony. Your best bet at winning is finding a bug that is a good size, colourful and rare. I found the easiest way to win is travelling to Tortimer's Island days before the competition, on an evening and catching loads of beetles off the trees there and storing them until the day of. The first time I played the contest I came 2nd from not doing that beetle trick, after that I was determined to beat that result and receive a gold trophy ever since and I finally have!

After the ceremony, there will be a notice on the bulletin board telling you who's placed. It does this for all the contests even when you don't participate. Also if you talk to the villagers in your town, they will comment on your victory which is really cute.

Thanks for reading! <3
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