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June 15, 2018

Packing For Mexico

Does anyone else find packing to be one of the most stressful things about going on holiday? Because same. I've said it many a time but I swear packing is 20% of actual packing and 80% of stressing about the idea of packing, thinking of all the things I need to pack, deciding what to actually pack, minor wardrobe organising and multiple repacking attempts. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

On Sunday I'm heading off to Riviera Maya in Mexico for the week with my boyfriend, to the land of margaritas and fajitas. I can't wait for some sun, to go swimming, sip some cocktails, a change of scenery and enjoy a whole week of total relaxation.

When I have to pack for a trip I have to spend a good amount of hours planning. It probably accumulates to a full day at least (yes, really!). The majority of the planning time consists of trying on my different summer clothes from my wardrobe and do a bit of outfit planning and eliminating. This usually helps me decide what to really take and what I could get away with leaving behind. It is also helpful to find out what pieces still fit incase I need to have a last minute dash to find something new. As I recently found with trying on bikinis and shorts that I've gone up a size so I've grew out of some old favourites. Just as well I realised before I took them away with me and discovered I couldn't wear them and being left with nothing to wear haha! That could have been embarrassing. I also end up having to have a word with myself as I try and justify taking more than I probably need to. Although I do like to give myself a few extra options just incase I'm not feeling it on the day but I'm surprised at myself this time round though as I've been a lot more cut throat about what to take.

Clothing for during the day was the easiest to decide this time round as opposed to previous trips as we'll be going all inclusive and Riviera Maya is quite out of the way of the hustle and bustle, so days out look pretty unlikely. Aside from the odd excursion we might do. So keeping bikinis, shorts and t-shirts to a minimum has been pretty easy enough to do, saves room and can keep a rotation of wearing them. Clothes for the evening are always more of a struggle for me as it's a chance for me to get some good wear out of some of those pretty dresses that have been patiently waiting in my wardrobe for a night out and a time to shine. There's some outfits that I think I can only get away with wearing on holiday rather than a cold night out in the north east which can make the process of elimination a little easier. I LOVE any excuse to wear bold colours and pretty, colourful patterns and this holiday will be a great opportunity to do so.

I've also tried this time to leave behind clothing items that I've had a lot of wear out of recently like my favourite go to t-shirts, shoes, day dresses and long skirts to give myself a bit of a kick up the backside to get more wear out of other pieces that haven't had much wear out of this year. It can be a little risky to take out your go to pieces but also a big confidence boost to step out of your comfort zone once in a while.

For shoes and accessories this year I have a mix of new additions and some old favourites. The adorable cherry sandals, my tan sandals and round straw bag have been pleasantly welcomed to the family. As well as old favourites such as my battered straw hat, my sunglasses, sliders and trusty pair of heels. I rarely wear heels all that much but when I do, these are my go to as I feel they go with most things I own. It will also be refreshing to wear different day shoes to my usual trusty black flats that are so grubby right now and really could do with being thrown out.

Hand luggage is usually less stressful to pack as I take the same things every time: passport, phone, travel insurance, money, few pairs of earrings, books, camera, my Nintendo DS, GoPro, adapters, an abundance of chargers for all my electronics and all the other little bits and pieces you usually need. I'm going to experiment this time round and make sure my hand luggage isn't too heavy for me to carry as past trips I've struggled to lug everything around all day. This time I want it to be easy breezy. I also pack a bikini, underwear and another outfit to wear as it puts my mind at ease in case my suitcase doesn't show up I can still go in the pool and also have something different to wear during the day instead of smelly aeroplane clothes.

I was starting to go a bit stir crazy sitting here, feeling anxious about all the things I need to remember on my packing list so I thought what better way to take a break from packing than to sit and write about packing (lol). Surprisingly I've found it very therapeutic.

Thanks for reading! <3
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