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December 06, 2018

My Spotify 2018 Wrapped | Blogmas Day 6

Happy Day 6 of Blogmas! I only got Spotify premium around last year so I'd never heard of the "Your (Year) Wrapped" previously. You log in to Spotifywrapped and connect it to your Spotify and it gives you all these interesting stats about the music you've listened to throughout the year. Normally stats isn't my thing but when it is something I can relate to, I find it intriguing. I know Xbox does this too about games played which I've found really fascinating before so I was excited to discover my music stats. Especially as I've been told my music taste is quite eclectic. Although I'd personally say my taste is mainly around the 70s, 80s and 90s eras that I enjoy the most as I'm quite a nostalgic person and some of these eras of music I've grew up on from my family listening to them or myself. I was intrigued to see if it was a mixed bag or not and I guess for the most part it was.

What Surprised Me

Looking at the results there are some I'm very surprised at. First of all my Top Genre being Pop! This may have been because I've listened to the Spice Girls a shed load at the start of the year haha! But I've personally felt like this year I listened to a lot more Country music than anything else, especially over the Summer and also Rock too throughout the year (80s Rock Anthem playlist is amazing btw!). I guess that is slightly reflected in some of the Top Songs: Rascal Flatts - Bless The Broken Road and John Denver- Take Me Home, Country Roads and Whitesnake - Is This Love. But I guess evidently not as much as I thought I had!
I was also surprised to see The Cure up there as one of the Top Artists I listened to. I do love their music and went through a phase in the summer of playing their songs but I didn't think I'd played them so much to make the list, so that was fun to discover.
Another surprise was Britney Spears - Womaniser as one of the Top Songs which I find quite funny, as this was fairly recently I'd been listening to this from when Strictly Come Dancing first started up. I kept listening to this thinking this would be a great song for a Paso Doble. Yes I'm sad like that, don't judge me.

Another big surprise was that my first song of the year was McFly - Star Girl, one of my favourites as well. I can remember listening to it but I didn't think it was the first song I listened to so that's pretty cool. And the other shock was Darius was the first artist I discovered. Darius! Who remembers him?! I remember his song Colourblind came on the radio and remembered how catchy it was so I searched for it to listen to it again. What a throwback.

What Didn't Surprise Me

Apart from Britney Spears -Womaniser, the other Top Songs I listened to has been no surprise whatsoever this year as I know I've played them constantly throughout the year. For my Top Artists, Spice Girls was not a surprise there as I previously said I'd listened to them a lot. Phil Collins too, I'm partial to a bit of Phil's music when I'm driving to and from work. He's got so many iconic songs. Take That was quite surprising, although when I think back, I did see Gary Barlow in concert back in April so I know I would have been playing Take That on repeat in the run up to the concert and after.

Oasis being number one is definitely not a surprise as they are my favourite band and I listen to them all the time. Another factor for this could also be that I have their music saved offline too. I know when I have no signal or wifi or when I've been on a metro or an aeroplane I've listened to them as they're one of the few bands I've got saved. The same for Whitesnake - Is This Love now that I think about it.

Another that hasn't surprised me is that my oldest song is by Nat King Cole, another favourite artist of mine and he also was my Grandad's favourite singer. The song Unforgettable was played at his funeral as it was his favourite song and I sometimes listen to it when I miss him. I'm surprised that is the Nat King Cole song that Spotify picked as When I Fall In Love is a personal favourite of mine and one I've listened to a fair amount this year but it is quite sweet to know I've listened to my Grandad's favourite song a lot this year and thought about him so much.

Spotify also creates all your most listened to songs into it's own playlist which I think is great as I've enjoyed listening to my favourites of this year, remembering songs I may have forgot about from earlier in the year and reminiscing about the memories connected to all the songs in the list. They also created a Tastebreakers playlist of artists I may not normally listen to, however looking at the playlist there is a lot of people I do listen to like Gloria Gaynor, Stevie Wonder, UB40, Dean Martin to name but a few so I'm not sure how that is calculated but either way it has suggested artists I know I like so I can't complain. Who knows? Maybe next year they might make the list ;)

Other Stats

Thanks for reading!
& Feel free to share your results below :)

All images taken from Spotifywrapped



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