Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Bowling At Planet Leisure | Blogmas Day 11

Today has been a relaxing one which was spent having a double date with our friends where we visited Planet Leisure in Newton Aycliffe for two games of ten-pin bowling, where the girls lost against the boys. Boo! I was impressed that I did manage to get a strike during each of the games, although my victory was short lived ha! I'd never been to Planet Leisure before this or even heard of it but I was amazed at how much stuff they have on. It is a leisure centre that has ten-pin bowling, laser quest, karaoke rooms, a trampoline park and indoor roller skating. All of which sound brilliant but in particular, I love to give the indoor roller skating a try sometime! That sounds like so much fun and something I've always wanted to do. Roll on next time! (accidental pun there, ha!)

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Maple Way,
Newton Aycliffe,

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