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December 08, 2018

Time To Myself & A New Hair Colour | Blogmas Day 8

Happy Saturday! It feels like the time has flew over today and I haven't done a great deal. I've been dog sitting Luna today so I was home this weekend for a change. It's been a blessing in disguise as there's been so much going on lately so to be able to have a day completely to myself and just unwind, take time away from social media, relax and just do what I want has been exactly what I've needed. In fact it will probably be the only weekend I have to myself for quite some time, so I've been savouring every last bit of it.
Even though I haven't done much with my day, sometimes I think it is good to have those days of doing sweet nothing and recharge your batteries. I've mainly spent my day taking photographs, refreshing old blog posts, planning new blog posts and trying to cross more Christmas films off my bucket list. There's so many to get through! But I was able to watch Deck The Halls which I didn't really enjoy that much to be honest and also Jack Frost, which I really enjoyed and found myself shedding a tear or two at the end. It was different to what I had expected it to be but in a good way. Then after Strictly Come Dancing (my obsession for the past few months!) and getting my votes in, stuffing my face with Domino's pizza and having a relaxing bath, I watched The Princess Switch after my friend recommended it to me. I really enjoyed that one too as I love a good rom-com, although the story is pretty predictable it was still entertaining to watch and fans of the ol' switch up films like The Parent Trap would enjoy it.
Another thing I did over the weekend was finally get around to dying my hair darker again. For the past few years I go through phases around October and November time of wanting to dye my hair dark for the Autumn months, especially after seeing photos from the years before or just when I get a bit bored of my hair and fancy a slight change. It usually lasts long enough to keep me satisfied with the colour so by the time Spring comes around I'm happy being back to my lighter hair. I've left it a lot later than I usually do this year to dye it as other things have taken more of a priority but I'm happy I finally set time aside for it and pleased with the result. I like having my hair all one colour too as opposed to this mixed bag of multiple tones that seems to happen over the Summer. It usually appears to look fuller and thicker, but maybe that's just to me. Either way, it gives me a good boost having a fresh pair of locks for the festive season.

Thanks for reading & have a great weekend! <3

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