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December 26, 2018

Stars And Sparkles | Boxing Day 2018

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!

I thought I'd quickly share my outfit for the day before heading off to spend time with my family. A traditional Boxing Day for us consists of spending the morning and early afternoon hosting lunch for family friends and this year is no different. The group usually divides off as some like to gather in the dining room to sit and eat the food my Mam lovingly prepared for them, and the football fans like to chill in the living room to sit and watch the matches that are on TV before heading out to watch the local game. Those of us who are left behind tend to just hang out and catch up on each other's lives which is always lovely.

Then after everyone heads off for the day to do their own things, there is a few hours of quiet where I usually begin my annual boxing day clear out and tidy up. I declutter and tidy all year round but this annual boxing day tidy has become somewhat of a mini tradition of mine that I've done since I was a teenager which I've kept up all these years. It's mostly because after Christmas Day my room is usually a mess! So I spend the late afternoon organising it before I head out.

Once everything is all tidied up, I get ready and head over to visit my boyfriend and his family for another tradition, where we exchange gifts to one another before playing a variety of board games and card games on the evening, which is always great fun and a good laugh. I can't wait! 

Outfit: Star Jumper: Cath Kidston/ Denim Skirt: H&M/ Sparkle Tights: New Look

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