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December 03, 2018

Living With Luna: 1 Year On | Blogmas Day 3

A year ago today this little bundle of golden goodness joined our family. I remember my Dad bringing her home with our friend who we got her from and Luna sitting on the kitchen floor taking in her surroundings of her new home. She was so teeny and cute with her little puppy fat and she could fit right in your lap and be picked up. I remember having her being in the living room where she happily played with the tennis ball and toys my brother and I were throwing her way and where the living room was covered with boxes full of Christmas decorations and she kept trying to chew the boxes ha!

Look at her now, she's so grown up! While she is too big to fit in my lap and too big to be carried around (sob!), she still has that funny, mischievous side she's always had since the very beginning. She wouldn't be Luna without it! And she's still so flipping adorable. It's crazy to think it was only a year ago she joined our family as she feels like she's always been a part of our family from the start.

While I'm in this reflective and sentimental mood, I thought I'd share some of my personal favourites of Luna from throughout the year. Get your 'awws' at the ready!

1. The first photo I saw of Luna. Dad sent this to my family and I saying "Say hello to our newest member of the family".

2. Meeting Luna for the first time. I can't believe she was ever that small! She also got the hiccups, aww!

3. The first official day with Luna on 4th December 2017. She spent it playing with her toys and sleeping. Nothing new there! Of course I had to get the camera out and document her every move ha! Still to this day this is my favourite photograph of her. I need to frame it at some point.

4. Doing what she does best. Zzzzz.

5. When she was small enough to sleep in my lap. Now she enjoys napping on the edge of my bed.

6. The "Can we play fetch please?" face.

7. Playing in the snow for the first time. She can't get enough of the stuff. That little snowflake on her nose though <3

8. When she's not playing in the snow, she's fascinated by it.

9. Not impressed with me taking photos of her. Old enough to realise I take far too many photos ;)

10. Her "pinching the plant pots" phase. No matter how big or small she'd try to run off with them. So funny! I think my Grandad saw the funny side too.

11. Once cautious of the water in her dog bowl. Now, can't keep her out of the water. She loves swimming in lakes and the sea. Still tries to avoid the bath though.

12. Catching the rays on Bank Holiday weekend earlier this year.

13. LunaCam! Or Super Agent Luna. Also on Bank Holiday weekend where we filmed her adventures. So much fun.

14. More Zzzzz. She always looks so peaceful.

15. Dog play date with the Lab Squad.

16. Another play date with her best bud.

17. Having a breather whilst on a walk.

18. Too pure for this world <3

Thanks for reading! <3



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