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May 16, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: A Quick K.K. Slider Concert

Good evening folks! I almost forgot tonight was when K.K. Slider appears on the island so I quickly jumped on the game to see him perform his weekly concert and nab myself a new bootleg recording of his iconic music. I still think the new addition to the credit screen is so gorgeous with the cherry blossoms, leaves, snowflakes and shooting stars floating across the screen. It's super pretty!
As it was late by the time I began playing on Sunshine and the concert finished I didn't get up to that much overall. Just a few bits and pieces so I'll keep this introduction brief. Here is what went down on todays play through:

1. A late evening on the game watching K.K. Slider perform a special request of K.K. Disco after he performed it as a request the first week he arrived. I finally got the bootleg recording of it to play in my home.

 2. Watching K.K. Slider free styling with Yuka and Vladimir. The expression where he shows all his teeth always cracks me up!

3. The first time ever on the game I've played so late on that I was around to see Nook's Cranny be shut for the day. I did that annoying thing customers do in real life by visiting the store minutes before it shut. 

4. Todays Nook Mile Reward.

5. Todays message in a bottle.

6. Received a letter and present from Wendy. I wonder if its guilt from almost bailing on Sunshine island ;) (I'm over it really, I promise!)

7. Learned a brand new recipe from Fauna.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading! <3
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