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May 31, 2020

Life In Lockdown: Week 10

25.5.20 - 31.5.20

Damn, week 10 already?! I honestly didn't think we would be in lockdown for this long. How naive I was!

It was a Bank Holiday on Monday, not that it really felt like one to me with still being furloughed. The night before I decided to encourage some productivity in myself by making a weekly to-do list to follow. Nothing too strenuous, just a few odd jobs I needed to get sorted. I decided to set them as morning tasks so that once they are completed I can spend the rest of the day doing what I like. Most of them I could probably do within a day to be honest, but I thought spreading them out over the course of the week might keep the motivation going consistently.I spent my morning tidying up and organising my makeup and skincare products and then my jewellery, which were my tasks done for the day. Then I headed out to Asda to pick up some bits and pieces that my family and I needed before spending the rest of the afternoon playing on my Switch*.
When I returned I caught up with my grandparents and then went and pestered my brother for a bit where we watched live performances of solo artists and bands on Youtube such as Liam Gallagher, Kasabian, Gerry Cinnamon and The DMA's. On the evening I went on Animal Crossing New Horizons* where I visited my friend's Amelia and Juli's islands so we could exchange items and recipes. The pair of them are absolute legends for helping me out after I restarted my game. Thanks ladies! <3

Tuesday was a lovely day. I'd arranged to meet my best friend, Nina at one of the local parks. One I hadn't actually been to since lockdown, which made for a good change of scenery. We met up for a social distancing morning walk with Luna in tow, then had a sit down on the grass whilst the weather was glorious and caught up on each other's lives since lockdown. It was so great to physically see her and spend time with her.

Wednesday was a busy one. The morning began with the weekly catch up call with work which honestly left me feeling a bit flat and uncertain of my future there. Hopefully the coming weeks might bring some positivity.
Afterwards I virtually attended the Blogosphere's Virtual Festival which I really enjoyed! It was so cool being able to network and listen to presentations, panels and Q&As from your own home. The presentations for the afternoon session included an introduction to the ASA and disclosure, a panel discussing what its like working with brands with input from a variety of perspectives and a presentation showing you the behind the scenes of a brand and explaining best approaches, what they're looking for etc. All of the sessions were brilliant and I found them all super informative and insightful. I took key information away from each one which was great!

Once that was finished I met my friend Kayleigh and we went for a socially distanced walk around Rainton Meadows Nature Reserve. Somewhere I have never visited previously both in or out of lockdown but it was beautiful seeing the sun setting over the lake with the water sparkling from the light and watching the wild horses grazing in the field. It was so peaceful. It was a long overdue, lovely catch up with Kayleigh, I've really missed spending quality time together.

Thursday I played ACNH for the majority of the day and then went for a drive out towards Souter Lighthouse as the weather was glorious again. On route I noticed Seaburn beach was packed with people and there were ridiculously long queues of people waiting outside ice cream shops and fish and chip shops all the way along the promenade. It looked absolute chaos! I was pleased where I drove to was much quieter. Once I returned home I ordered my weekly takeaway from Domino's and had movie night via Discord again with Becky and Kyle. This week we watched Brave which I'd seen half of it on TV before one Christmas and didn't rate it that high, but after watching fully a second time I really enjoyed it. I'm a fan of the Scottish accent so I was in my element trying to copy it whilst we watched the film.

Considering how rubbish a sleep I'd had the night before, I woke up feeling ready to get sh*t done on Friday. I'd tossed and turned all Thursday night and my room was so warm from the scorching day we'd had previously so I hadn't set an alarm. Amazingly I woke up earlier than I thought I would and managed to cross off my list of daily tasks I had written for Friday. It felt good being able to see in the weekend knowing I didn't have to spend it doing odd jobs and chores.
I decided to finally sit out in the garden for a few hours playing on my Switch and listening to the latest episode of the Shagged Married Annoyed podcast. I had a lime Calippo ice lolly and Luna came and lay next to me and it was complete bliss. After having a sufficient amount of sunshine I continued the ACNH gameplay indoors to which I discovered I'd managed to get completely sunburnt down one side of my body. Ouch! My bright red knees, my right thigh and my neck felt so sore for the rest of the evening. I knew it wouldn't be long before I needed the bottle of aftersun whilst on lockdown! It probably sounds strange but the sensation of aftersun on my skin, although healing, makes me cringe and covered in goosebumps. I think it most likely stems from my childhood of always getting sunburnt on family holidays (usually self inflicted from being in the pool 24/7), giving me flashbacks haha! After dinner more cringing at lathering myself in aftersun ensued and more ACNH gameplay continued. I'm almost caught up to where I originally was, yay! I also used some of the Amiibo cards I have to get new characters visiting the campsite and I listened to a few episodes of the Modern Wisdom podcast whilst I was playing.

Saturday I woke up feeling like my thigh, knees and neck were on fire from yesterdays sunburn *sob*. As I've stated before, as much as I love the sunshine, I am not built for it haha! I spent the morning indoors catching up on blogs and Youtube videos. The sunburn sting seemed to have left my knees and thigh but my neck was in agony for most of the afternoon. The only way I can describe it was like I'd pulled a muscle in my neck and it felt stiff and achey every time I moved. After feeling sufficiently sorry for myself I jumped in the car and drove into town. The seatbelt against my sunburn didn't help matters. My Mam had said she'd been earlier in the week and noticed a few shops I usually frequent are open; Savers, Superdrug and Boots, so I went to pay them a visit for some essentials. Mainly aftersun! It was so surreal seeing the shopping centre completely deserted of people, bar the security guard, the cleaner and the odd fellow shopper. Definitely not the usual Saturday in the shopping centre that I'm used to.
Afterwards I drove towards the beach to treat myself to an ice cream from my usual go-to shop and the beach was busy again but people seemed to be keeping to themselves and their groups. In the queue for the ice cream I discovered I was stood behind some family friends so had a little natter with them whilst we waited for the queue to go down before going our separate ways. I went for a short walk along the clifftops and it felt so good to smell the salty sea air and feel the sea breeze on my skin. I briefly stopped to sit at the bench that said family friends have placed in memory of their son to pay my respects and take in the view of the coast before heading back home, where I spoke to my grandparents and then unpacked my goodies from my afternoon haul. The rest of the day was spent catching up on more Youtube videos and playing Animal Crossing New Horizons.

I woke up Sunday (Today) feeling like my neck was on fire and my chest was super itchy. This sunburn isn't going down anytime soon. Despite that I still managed to get outside for a bit of sunshine, keeping my left side more in the sun and my right side (the burnt side) in the shade. My logic was to even out the colour (ha!) which sort of worked. The day was basically a repeat of Fridays activities so the week has ended on a relaxing note. I still can't quite believe that it is the start of June tomorrow. I'm hoping this new month with bring some positive news for everyone.

Thanks for reading and stay safe! <3
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