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May 24, 2020

Life In Lockdown: Week 9

18.5.20 - 24.5.20

It was a good start to my week of being more productive. After having a terrible sleep on Sunday night and waking up feeling rotten, I managed to emerge from my bed and persist with my goal of being more creative this week. I was motivated enough to edit and upload two new videos to my Youtube channel, scheduled another and completed the editing for more upcoming Youtube videos that I have planned. I also went through my old blog draft ideas I had saved and removed a good chunk of ones that I wasn't bothered about writing anymore and began writing and posting out new Animal Crossing New Horizons blog content again. I've decided that once I finish posting the rest of the AC content out there that I've had on the back burner, I might retire the series temporarily as when there isn't many events on the game it gets a bit repetitive and tedious to put together for posts. I'll bring the series back every now and again when there's new events or new seasonal content to cover.

Tuesday was supposed to be a video call with work but it was rescheduled for Wednesday instead. I spent the day playing on my Switch*, editing down more Animal Crossing New Horizons screen shots for my upcoming blog posts and editing more travel videos. I feel like I'm finally getting back into the swing of things with it again and I'm so happy!
Late afternoon I drove to Little Wood Nature Reserve near Quarrington Hill and Cassop with my friends Becky and Kyle with Luna in tow and went for a social distancing walk there. It felt strange not being able to give them a big hug but it was so good to physically see them in person. It was a warm, humid afternoon and such a lovely area to walk around. When I returned home I ordered a takeaway from Domino's and continued on with some more editing of my upcoming travel videos.

I woke up on Wednesday early and motivated. I recorded a voice over for a new video I've been working on for my Youtube channel and then got ready for the video catch up call with work. After the call I recorded a new video and unboxed my brand new Nintendo Switch (Welcome To Animal Crossing Edition)* which I'd saved up and ordered the previous week. I then set up my new console and transferred all my game data. Unfortunately Animal Crossing New Horizons doesn't allow you to transfer your game data over so I had to bite the bullet and start the game again from the beginning. Initially I was devastated at the thought I may have to start again but once I started playing I wasn't bothered by it. My hiatus of the Animal Crossing blog content has come at a good time so I can play from the beginning again and catch up to where I was.
After a sufficient amount of AC gameplay, the evening was spent catching up with my friends Becky and Kyle on Discord where we watched Wonder Woman. We love 'Big Steve' as he's affectionately known as between us and of course Gal Gadot is a goddess and played the role brilliantly.

Thursday I headed over to my friend Becky's house as she very kindly decided to buy my original Nintendo Switch from me, so I dropped that off and now she can play on AC too, yay! We went for a short walk around where she lives afterwards. It was such a sweltering, scorching hot day! I'm not built for such weather haha! Once I got home I continued playing on my new Switch for the rest of the day and trying not to melt in the heat.

Friday it was super windy to make up for the lack of it the day before. I woke up officially the earliest I have all 2020 at half 4 in the morning and I was surprisingly wide awake, considering. I continued to play on AC from where I was at yesterday whilst listening to the latest episode of the Shagged Married Annoyed podcast then followed by watching Robbie Knox's Youtube channel. In the afternoon, Becky and I set up the online gameplay so that we could visit each other's islands and exchange items and recipes. The evening was spent nursing a headache, catching up on some admin, having a takeaway from Domino's and catching up on the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and finishing off Normal People. (Spoiler Alert!) Without spoiling anything too much, the ending of it with the conversation between two of the characters about New York was bizarrely similar to my break up last year. Almost felt word for word. I couldn't help but laugh at how relatable that whole conversation was to my own personal experience.

Saturday morning was a lazy one due to a lingering headache but by the afternoon I was raring to go again. I got a few chores out of the way and then sorted out changing my travel plans to push them back to next year, as during the week I received an email from the hotel saying my original dates were unavailable as the hotel was closed due to the pandemic and I'm allowed to arrange the dates for another time. Which I had expected to be the case anyway. To be honest I'm happy to put the trip off until next year where it will hopefully be much safer to do so. The rest of the day I spent arranging social distancing plans with friends for next week, which I'm beyond excited for and then finally finished off watching Glee. It feels like it has been a long slog to get that one finished off. And brilliant timing as well as I noticed Netflix has now added Season 3 of one of my favourite shows, the reboot of Dynasty, so I know what I'm planning on watching this coming week. I also signed up to VirBELA for the upcoming virtual networking event I'm attending on Wednesday and started (and finished) watching After Life after a few recommendations from friends which I really enjoyed.

Sunday morning was spent catching up on Youtube videos in my watch later list and doing some promotion of my blog and Youtube channels on social media. The afternoon I met up with my best friend Kate, who I was out with last week and went for another social distancing walk along the seafront. It was so lovely to see her and spend some quality time together.

All in all I'm pretty content with how this week has been. I haven't been as productive as I'd hoped but I won't beat myself up over it. Instead I may use the time in this coming week to pick up on bits and pieces I've neglected. I'm pleased to have finished off some series so I can focus my attention elsewhere going forward and I feel this week has been a good mix of down time and social time. I'm looking forward to seeing what next week has in store for me!

Thanks for reading and stay safe! <3
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