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May 17, 2020

Life In Lockdown: Week 8

11.5.20 - 17.5.20

Monday was a special one this week as it marked one year since my friends Sarah and Tom got married - Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary Sarah and Tom! I still can't believe it's already been a year, it still feels like yesterday we were celebrating their gorgeous wedding. It was such a wonderful day <3 and I hope it isn't long before we can all be together again soon to celebrate their first year as husband and wife.

Instead I spent the day nowhere near as exciting as last year. I played my Xbox* for the first time in months and finally finished playing Rime*. A game I've had for ages and had been half way through playing pre-lockdown. Due to its puzzle solving and multitude of hidden collectables, its one of those games I feel you need to be in the right mindset and mood to play which I hadn't been for a while so I'm pleased I had woken up Monday ready to get back into it. The ending was a small plot twist to what I initially thought the story was about. It was still a sad ending as I predicted but I think the plot twist gave the story more meaning to the game. Overall I really enjoyed playing it and I loved the gorgeous art style of the game. I'd spent so long wanting to finish the game off that by the time I did I was actually sad to have done so haha!
Although I must confess I did end up rage quitting later on when going back through the game to finish off collecting the final achievements. There was one achievement I needed to get for a full 1,000 gamer score, but I couldn't do it and got frustrated so I stopped playing haha! I'll come back to it another day and try again.

Afterwards I finally took off my acrylic nails as they were disgustingly grown out and then repainted my natural nails with a raspberry and hot pink nail varnish. It feels so strange not having my nails done properly. I look forward to the day when I can get them done again safely. Whilst I was painting my nails, I was also binge watching/crying at the Some Good News Youtube channel. It's a news channel show by John Krasinki (Jim from The Office US, Jack Ryan) where they share positive, uplifting stories from all over the world. He's even hosted a virtual prom, graduation ceremony and most recently a wedding where he reunited all the cast from The Office. If you need a little pick me up on a more testing day during lockdown, try give it a watch, I'm sure it will bring a smile to your face. It's incredible seeing people all over the world come together in such tough times to make it a little brighter.

Tuesday was another celebration with it being my brother's birthday - Happy Birthday Big Bro!
I sang happy birthday to him and then gave him his presents. Later on I took Luna for a walk to our local beach, where I collected some sea glass and I also brought my GoPro* camera and dog harness to attach the camera to Luna for a video idea I had. I wanted to film the beach from Luna's perspective, aka Luna Cam: Beach Edition haha! I'm so happy with how the footage turned out and I hope to make it into a Youtube video for my channel very soon. Of course Luna was rewarded with many treats for being such a good sport! That evening my Mam and I set the table up in the dining room and I ordered food for the family from Bellini restaurant and we had my brother's birthday dinner all together which went down a treat.

Wednesday I finally managed to get up earlier, although didn't end up doing all that much with the extra time in the day I had. The morning was a one for catching up on Youtube videos. I fell back in love with Tyler Oakley's videos after a small hiatus. That afternoon I had a video call with work and then headed out to do a small shop. That evening I edited a new Youtube video for my channel, ordered a takeaway from Domino's and watched a few episodes of Red Dwarf and Blackadder Back and Forth with Becky and Kyle over on Discord and then we watched a bunch of videos by FailArmy on Youtube.

Thursday I woke up the earliest I've woken the whole of 2020 probably, 5.14am! What?! I actually saw the sunrise which is unheard of for me. It was lovely and sunny immediately as the sun rose. I hadn't felt very well that day, I felt very faint and feverish and my stomach felt like it was in knots so I took it easy and listened to the latest episode of The Stephen Tries podcast while also binge reading Kaylah from The Dainty Squid's "Found On The Beach" beach combing series. I didn't do a huge deal the rest of the day except quickly do a small shop for my Gran, finally finished off Season 4 of The Office US and then continued to watch more episodes of Season 5 of Glee. Whatever I seemed to be feeling earlier in the day appeared to wear off by the end of the day, thankfully.

Friday I had planned to be super productive but instead woke up and felt pretty rubbish for most of the day, both mentally and physically. Instead I binge watched more episodes of Glee for the majority of the day. After lunch time I felt a bit more perked up so I did a few chores whilst listening to a few episodes of the Showmance podcast and then on the evening I played on my Switch* whilst listening to the latest episode of the Shagged Married Annoyed podcast.

On Saturday I caught up on my Youtube watch later list before buying a PM ticket to Blogosphere's Virtual Festival on the 27th May. I received an email about the event at the start of the week and was intrigued by the concept as it sounded really interesting with panels, masterclasses, webinars and opportunities to network so thought I'd give it a try. There are AM and PM tickets which I thought was a great idea so I went for the latter. You can buy tickets here. I'm very excited for it! I will report back on how it goes. That afternoon I arranged to meet my best friend Kate and go for a walk along the marina towards the town together. Of course keeping to the social distancing guidelines. It was lovely to see her and spend time together and good to get outside in the fresh air instead of being cooped up inside like I have been most of the week. Once I returned home I finished off Season 5 of Glee and began watching the new series on BBC Three called Normal People. I love all the Irish accents <3

Sunday (Today), the morning was spent watching a couple of Youtube videos and watching/listening to the Wafflin' by Joe Weller podcast episode with KSI. Yesterday my best friend Kate and I had discussed going out again today for another walk but since the weather was miserable and raining we decided to postpone it to next weekend instead. The day was spent catching up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and beginning Season 6 of Glee. I feel like now that I've finally been catching up on enough shows that I was so desperate to watch pre-lockdown and I've gave myself enough time to slack off this week and rest up after feeling so run down. Going into next week I want to make more of a conscious effort to actually spend my time more wisely being productive and letting some creativity flow. Here's hoping I can give myself a kick up the backside this coming week

Thanks for reading and stay safe! <3
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