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December 30, 2020

My Instagram Top Nine 2020

It's that time of year again. The time where I check my Instagram Top Nine to see a round up of what my most popular photographs were throughout the year and now it's time to see the results for 2020!

To check out the results of your own feed, visit the website by clicking this link and all you need to do is provide your Instagram handle and your email address so the site can email you the image to your inbox so you can download it from there, or you can simply download the image directly from the website.  

When I went to do mine for this year I noticed that since last year they have updated the platform and have teamed up with a platform called CreatorKit, which is also available to download on iOS and Android too. After speaking with one of the developers of CreatorKit, the reasons for the change of platform means there's more useful social media tools, such as a video editor featuring a variety of video and story templates for social media channels. Giving users the option to create videos of their Top Nine photos for 2020 as well as the photo collages. Although the website is free, this new platform does offer paid options for PRO video templates for social media too if you wish to use them. Another big reason was for privacy and security as there had been clones of Top Nine claiming to be the real deal and causing users the risk of their Instagram accounts being hacked, deleted and modified from other companies posing as them or something similar. Due to the messages received from users who had unfortunately been subjected to these risks, they decided to make the change to this new platform. 

Now onto the results.With many cancelled and rescheduled plans this year I wasn't expecting to see many sentimental memories of this crazy year but I was still curious to see what exactly did tickle viewer's fancy the most from my timeline. So let's view the results:

Blog Account:

1. A Valentine's Day selfie. This initially was one of my favourite photos I've taken of myself. I know this sounds super self indulgent, bigheaded and probably unbelievable to some people reading this from having a blog etc. But I really struggle to take photos of myself that I actually like. I'm very critical of myself, a lot more than I actually let on to others and will pick myself apart in photographs, whether I post them or not. But at the time I really liked this one. I went for a pink and red theme and liked how my makeup turned out. It was my first Valentine's Day being single after a long time so I had a mate date instead. I went to the Metro Centre with my friend Becky, where we had pizzas at MOD Pizza and then watched Sonic The Hedgehog at the cinema which was great! Thank you Becky for being my valentine this year, ha! <3

2. My outfit I wore for New Year's Eve. This was one of my favourite nights of this year (and probably one of the only nights out I had this year!), I had such a laugh with my best friend Kate, her sister and cousin and their friends. I loved wearing this outfit too. It was all glittery and glitzy and NYE felt like the best time to get away with wearing such attire. It's funny looking back now and thinking about how I was feeling at the start of the year. Full of excitement and possibility of everything that was to come. Little did I know that the world was going to turn upside down a few months later. 

3. A 2018 throwback outfit I wore to attend a charity ball. Again, another situation where at the time I wasn't fully keen on the photographs so I didn't share them but 2 years later I look at them and decided to do so. I didn't realise how long my hair was back then and I ADORE that dress from Warehouse, it has this striped rainbow metallic effect throughout it which I love. It's one of my go-to dresses for most occasions. I wish there was an opportunity to wear it soon. Here's hoping!

4. Pancake Tuesday and a 2019 throwback to celebrate the occasion. I spent the occasion having a cute evening in with my best friend, Kate and we cooked pancakes together, which were delicious. The actual throwback is from last summer when my friend Kayleigh and I had breakfast at Love Lily Tearoom. Those pancakes were divine and I was stuffed afterwards. Worth it.

5. Another selfie, LOL. At present, this is my favourite photo of myself. Again, yes I'm aware that sounds mega bigheaded and self indulgent but its a rarity that I like the way I look in photos. You know when you take a half decent photo of yourself and you love it so much you plaster it everywhere? This is currently that photo for me, LOL. I'd just bought my new phone (I say 'new' but it's old in Apple terms), recently dyed my hair dark brown again and bought that gorgeous fluorescent mint green sweater from H&M in the sale. It all felt worthy of a photo opportunity at the time.

6. Seeing The 1975 live at the Utilita Arena in Newcastle. Ahhh live concerts, remember those? This was one of the last gigs I'd been to before the lockdown began and at the time I thought it was the first of many gigs I'd be attending in 2020. Gutted! I'd bought the tickets last year on a whim as I did like their music, although I wasn't a mega fan at the time, I had heard they were great live and I can confirm the latter to be true! I absolutely loved it. The music, the atmosphere and the stage production was brilliant too. This photo was taken during their performance of 'If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know)'. Ever since that gig I've listened to their music constantly throughout 2020, so much so that they were top of my Spotify wrapped list this year. Safe to say I'm much more of a fan now, ha!

7. My second selfie of 2020, LOL. Taken in May during lockdown and living the furlough life. I'd decided to dye my hair dark brown again after loving it so much over Autumn/Winter 2019. The dark hair received mixed reviews but I loved it. I'd just bought that cute green floral blouse from Monki too, both of which I felt the need to document at the time. I actually really dislike this photo of myself now. But hey-ho.

8. Another day, another selfie. WOW this post is the worst to reflect back on, haha! But I do really appreciate that people liked them. I really love my dark brown hair in this. Obviously decided to mix things up a bit and sport the red lipstick for a change. I've honestly loved having darker hair more this year, I feel much more confident and happier in myself when I do. May need to carry this on into 2021.

9. Lastly, this was taken in May on one of my many lockdown walks in that glorious spring sunshine. I visited Souter Lighthouse and the Leas for a walk along the clifftops, which was a big change up from my usual walking places at the time. I obviously needed a fresh change of scenery so decided to venture out slightly further than usual. I can't wait for the warmer months to return so I can wear this outfit again. I felt so cute and comfortable in it. 

Personal Account:

Ok, as there are a few duplicates here, I'll only cover the photographs that are different.

3. My gorgeous baby girl, Luna enjoying the crunchy autumnal leaves. I love her little face here, those big brown eyes melt my heart so much <3 Autumnal dog walks are one of my favourite things to do. The crunchy leaves, the crisp autumn air, the low sun shining through the trees and Luna frolicking and exploring. Absolute bliss!

4. The start of the many lockdown dog walks of 2020. One of the first ones being a trip to Tunstall Hills, it was a beautiful sunny day as well so you could see out over the city which was cool. I managed to entice Luna into this photo opportunity by teasing her with a tennis ball. It did the trick and captured this really cute moment between us <3 Although my hair looks atrocious here, not sure why it looks like it has been cut diagonally as I haven't touched it, ha! But, never mind. I'll focus on the cuteness that is Luna instead.

5. The most beautiful sunrise over Dalton Park shopping centre during an early start at work. The colours were incredible! <3

9. A gorgeous sunset over Sunderland Marina during a socially distanced stroll with Kate. I love the silhouetted effect with the bright colours here. So pretty!

Thanks for reading! <3
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