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November 10, 2014

Visiting My Favourite Yorkshires

Ey Up loves!

I felt like that was needed to pay homage to the theme of this post haha! Yesterday I took the train to York to visit my good friends Mat and Lucy, who I met during university. Now that university is over they have moved back there and as it is nearly Mat's birthday, and with this week being the last chance I could get time off work before all the craziness of the build up to Christmas happens, I decided to pay them a visit them in their hometown.

On my way there I had completed a life achievement and got the train on my own for the very first time! It has been such a great feeling to get out of my comfort zone and daily routine to visit somewhere different. Even just for the day. The day flew over but I felt so incredibly happy to see them and have a change of scenery. Normally in new places I feel a bit lost but I actually felt really relaxed wandering around York. I feel like if I went there on my own I wouldn't feel out of my depth and could happily navigate my way around the city.

In true York fashion, a photograph with the giant teddy bear was on the cards, as I have done when I have visited in the past.

We did some wandering around the shops and I was shown a Mulberry store in the flesh! Aahhh! Heaven <3

We had lunch at Oscar's, which had gorgeous decorative walls inside and then did some shopping. I bought myself a sparkly green top from Topshop, then these pieces from Ark (sorry about rubbish quality) and then snuggled up on the sofas in Costa Coffee chatting about life and drinking a delicious hot chocolate before heading home.

A short and sweet trip but wonderful all the same! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing and catching up with two of my best friends and my favourite Yorkshires :)

Thanks for reading! <3
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