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December 02, 2017

Phil Collins' Not Dead Yet Tour At The Utilita Arena, Newcastle

Whenever I hear the music of Phil Collins, I'm immediately transported back to my teenage years, being sat in the back of my Mam's car whilst she drove my Granddad and I to the Metro Centre for a day trip. Listening to the music whilst they chatted in the front seats. It also gives me fond memories of being driven to and from school with my Mam's CD of his greatest hits being the soundtrack. The uplifting beats of Sussudio, Easy Lover and You Can't Hurry Love will forever remind me of those days and the instant boost to my mood it would give me whenever I heard them (and still does) and make me feel ready to face the school day. I remember also being in awe of the beautiful vocals on Separate Lives which was even more incredible to hear them live at this concert.

Ever since those days, I have loved his music and listen to it regularly but now it has changed from adult me driving myself to and from work with his music on in the background and singing along as I navigate the tedious traffic jams as opposed to my Mam and trying to keep myself somewhat sane haha! Back in my university days, Easy Lover was my jam, In The Air Tonight and Groovy Kind Of Love became a new favourite thanks to The Hangover film (and of course that iconic Cadbury's advert!) and the tv show, New Girl. Although I have changed and grown up, the music and it's effect on me has never changed and that's what I love about it. Even last year for my Spotify Unwrapped, Phil Collins was number two on my list of Top Artists. 

When I saw he was touring and would be playing at the Metro Radio Arena, I knew I had to get my hands on some tickets for my Mam and I. To relive those fond memories of my teenage years with her all over again, so I was thrilled when I was able to get the tickets.

Before he came onto the stage, the arena had big screens playing above the stage which showed old photographs of Phil and the band, old videos, funny, fake tv commercials and played his music which got you amped up.
That moment when he walked onto the stage was such a flurry of nostalgic emotions and I loved it! Due to his health, which he addressed once he sat down, Phil Collins stayed sat down for his entire set but it didn't effect his vocals one bit, he sang exactly like that ol' greatest hits CD that I cherish so much.

I actually really respected that as well, that he didn't need all the bells and whistles to make great music. Having said that, when the band did come on and get introduced, they were incredible! Some had toured with him for years. The lady who did the duet for Separate Lives was unbelievably good! A notable mention in his band was his son, Nicholas Collins, who played the drums and of course played the iconic drum riff for In The Air Tonight as well as performed a duet with Phil where he played the piano whilst he sang. I kept thinking how amazing that must be to be able to share that moment like they did. 

Speaking of that song, the musical introduction to In The Air Tonight by the band was incredible. It still gives me chills when I watch back the video I took of it. The slow riffs of the guitar and how quiet the atmosphere was will forever stay with me. You just felt completely immersed in it. Of course when the iconic drum riff kicked in, everyone went crazy for it. 

Overall I was a big fan of the set list. It was a great mix of his own music and from when he was in Genesis. I didn't think I would know half of the songs from the Genesis days but I was pleasantly surprised at how many I recognised. Some have since been added to my car sing-a-longs haha!
Of course my personal favourite Sussudio had me go absolutely insane! Those initials chords immediately had me on my feet, screaming (haha!) and the upbeat tune, the brightly coloured lights and stage effects and the blast of confetti into the crowd had me living my best teenage memories. It was an incredible night, full of nostalgia, full of amazing memories and of course, fantastic music!

Set List: Part One
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) | Another Day In Paradise | One More Night | Wake Up Call | Follow You Follow Me | Can't Turn Back The Years | I Missed Again | Hang In Long Enough | Separate Lives | Who Said I Would |

Set List: Part Two
Drum Duet (Nic Collins & Louis Conte) | I Don't Care Anymore | Something Happened On The Way To Heaven | You Know What I Mean (Nic Collins on piano) | In The Air Tonight | You Can't Hurry Love | Dance Into The Light | Invisible Touch | Easy Lover | Sussudio |
Take Me Home

Did you go to the gig? What song was your favourite?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments & as always, thanks for reading! <3

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