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February 14, 2020

Valentine's Day 2020

Happy Valentine's Day!

It returns! One of my favourite days of the year, Valentine's day! I've said it before on this blog, but call me cheesy and old fashioned, I love a day devoted to celebrating love, (yes, I know it should be all year round) spreading love and showing you care to those who are special to you. Whether I'm in a relationship or not, I have always enjoyed celebrating this day and this year was no exception.

This Valentine's day has been my first one as a single lady in about 8 years, how crazy is that?! Where does the time go?! I was prepared to order my favourite food and plan a cosy, pamper night in solo but after seeing that the Sonic The Hedgehog film was coming out on the day of, my friend Becky and I decided to plan a mate date instead and go for food and see the film.

We decided to head to the Metro Centre, Gateshead and visit Mod Pizza for some create your own pizzas before the cinema. Which is ideal for us as I can be a fussy eater and my friend is vegan and gluten free so it was a win-win as they have a variety of options for us. I went for my go-to order of tomato and mozzarella cheese with double parmesan cheese and mushrooms. Delish!

Of course I had to express the occasion with my clothing. I saw this super cute, heart print jumper from Monki back in January and thought it was so adorable. I knew it would be perfect to wear for the occasion. I teamed it with my blue denim jeans from Topshop, my white Converse trainers and of course, I wore my favourite pink lipstick from Maybelline to complete the look.

The Sonic The Hedgehog film was good! It was an origin story for both Sonic and how Dr Robotnik became his nemesis. Not the best film I've ever seen but still enjoyable and worth a watch if you are a fan of the games. It had jokes aimed at adults but it did feel a bit more aimed towards kids. I'd probably rate it a 6/10 overall. I felt it had potential to be much better than it was. Maybe I am comparing it too much to the games but I did feel there was something missing from it. However, I really liked how it gave little references and foreshadowings to the games' franchise and it has hinted at a sequel film coming out soon. I have a feeling it may take a similar route as the Marvel films and have more origin films on Tails and Knuckles and films on how they came to be friends with Sonic etc. which I think would be brilliant if they did that and create this new franchise of films. A personal favourite of mine that I'd like to see would be the story from Sonic Adventure 2 with the introduction of Shadow and his background story and chaos control etc. that would be amazing to see as a film! Until then, I'll just have to wait!

Overall I had a lovely time celebrating today and thank you to Becky for being my date ;)

Thanks for reading! <3
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