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What I Got For Christmas 2017

Hello everyone & happy new year!
Hope you all had a good one! I've always wanted to do one of these posts as I personally really enjoy reading other people's posts and watching youtube videos of them too. I've even had one drafted up from 2015 myself, which I never got round to posting in time -typical! However I was determined this year to finally share with you all what I got for Christmas. A few of the items I had bought myself and told my family to wrap them up for me so I could open them on Christmas Day haha and some I treated myself after Christmas but thought I'd include anyway. Aside from that I have been completely spoiled rotten! I am eternally grateful to my family, boyfriend and loved ones for these incredible gifts. I know it goes without saying that this post is in no way me trying to brag about what I received. This is a way for me to show even more, my gratitude and appreciation to my loved ones for these amazing gifts and it may even inspire some of you with ideas for gift ideas for your loved ones for throughout the year too. So I hope you enjoy!

Clinique All About Eyes rich eye cream. Thanks to my parents for these!
One of my absolute favourite products by Clinique (alongside Moisture Surge of course!). I'd been running low on this so I'm pleased I have these now to sort out my dreadful dark circles from late nights spent coughing my guts up over Christmas.

Chocolate coins, Terry's Chocolate Orange, Matchmakers, Cadbury's selection box. Thanks to my parents & my boyfriend's parents for these delicious goodies!
I feel like chocolate is a necessity for this time of year. Spending the evening of Christmas Day with the family cosying up on the sofa, watching all the Christmas specials on tv and tucking into these is one of my many highlights of the day.

Disney Micky Muffin Holder
One of my treats to myself. I'm hooked on Disney home wares, so this was perfect. Although it is a muffin holder, I also envisioned creating different Mickey Mouse shaped goodies to share.

DKNY Be Delicious & Paco Rabanne Lady Million. Thanks to my grandparents, my boyfriend's parents & my boyfriend for these!
I finally have these back in my life! Be Delicious has been my trademark perfume for years and I'd put off buying it all of last year as I'd been fortunate enough to receive lots of mini perfumes last Christmas and purchased a few myself so had this collection of perfumes I hadn't worn. So made it my mission last year to use them all up first before getting back my usual fragrance. Which I finally did around November which was perfect timing really!
Lady Million was one of the fragrances I'd tried back in March and adored it! And again, didn't want to get it again until those little perfumes had been used so I'm thrilled to have this too. I love alternating between these two perfumes now.

Pokemon Xbox One Controller. Thanks to my boyfriend for this amazing gift!
Probably my absolute favourite present this year. I'd had my eye on this controller for absolutely ages, the second I'd decided I was going to get an Xbox One. I've always loved having a more personalised touch with my previous controllers, something that is a bit different to just a plain black or plain white one, so as an avid Pokemon fan, this is perfect in every way and the fact I got this from my other half makes me even happier. Every time I'm enjoying myself playing my console, I'll think of him. Extremely soppy but Idgaf. I can't wait to set my new Xbox up and begin using it! It just looks amazing!

Xbox One games - Thanks to my parents (& myself lol) and my boyfriend for these.
Yooka-Laylee, Super Lucky's Tale, Batman the telltale series, Batman the telltale series: the enemy within, Marvel guardians of the galaxy, Rime, Overcooked! Gourmet edition, the walking dead the telltale series: a new frontier.

Yooka-Laylee, Super Lucky's Tale & Batman: The Enemy Within, were games I had bought last minute for myself to give to my parents to wrap up as I'd left it late to give them a list of ideas. I love cute and colourful adventure games so I know I'll enjoy a fresh change of pace with the first two games. The newest Batman game is one I've enjoyed watching play throughs of on Youtube but was originally undecided if I wanted to take the plunge to buy, but I've gotten so much more into it now that I'm interested in seeing how the game pans out.

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier from my boyfriend, is one I'm highly anticipating to play after watching JackSepticEye's entertaining play through of it. It was the first Telltale game I'd ever watched and had really got me into playing the Batman series too. Looking forward to playing as Javier and seeing what decisions I make throughout the game.

Batman: The Telltale Series is a purchase I made after Christmas for myself after already playing it on the Xbox 360 and absolutely loved it! By far one of my favourite games of last year for the storyline and gameplay so decided I wanted to play it again for the Xbox One. I may also do this for LEGO: Jurassic World but we'll see!
Marvel: Guardians Of The Galaxy, RIME & Overcooked! Gourmet Edition were my other purchases. Again, if it wasn't obvious by now I really enjoy Telltale games recently from watching people play them on Youtube so GOTG should deliver.

I got hooked on Overcooked from watching Dan&PhilGAMES playing it and the fast pace gameplay with the cute characters was right up my street.
RIME is an unusual one for me. It's not one I'd naturally have been drawn to but after seeing it played online I like the change of pace to what I normally like to play, the story appears to be quite vague from what I've seen but the graphics of the game are beautiful. I'm sure I'll become fully immersed in that world.
So all in all, I've got a great variety of new games to keep me extremely occupied throughout most of 2018 haha!

Nintendo DS games - Super Smash Bros,  Dr Kawashima's Devilish Brain Training, Mario Sports SuperstarsThanks to my boyfriend, my boyfriend's family & my brother.
These 3 games all have reminded me of previous games I've played and loved, such as Super Smash Bros Melee for the Gamecube back in the day, which was one of my absolute favourites to play when I was younger so I can't wait to kick some ass on the 3DS!
The same goes for Brain Training, I was a huge fan of the original for the DS and found the effects to be instantly noticeable and greatly effect me so this shall be just as brilliant, if not better! This time last year I was really into Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 Olympics playing all the sporty mini games and Sports Superstars sounds like it has many similarities so this should be a lot of fun.

Disney Mickey Mouse hoodie. Thanks to my parents for this!

I've hardly had this hoodie off my back since I got it. It's incredibly comfortable and easy to wear and is so soft and fleecy inside too. I always feel so snug when I wear it.
Ice cream for breakfast by Laura Jane Williams & You Do You by Sarah Knight
Thanks to my boyfriend's brother & my boyfriend!
I'd seen Laura's book circling the twittersphere & blogosphere multiple times and always read good things about it so I know I will enjoy this. The same goes for Sarah Knight, after already having 'Get Your Sh*t Together' on my shelves, I knew I had to ask for her latest release to be added to my collection.

I also thought I'd finally share with you what I got in my advent calendar. Over the past 2 years I had gone off chocolate advent calendars for some crazy unknown reason (send help), so I decided to invest in something more tangible and longer lasting. After investing in a nail varnish advent calendar last time, I decided to aim for another beauty related one. I ended up picking up this gorgeous 'NYX Professional Make Up Kiss & Tell Advent Calendar' from Asos, with an additional 10% off too. To me, that was the universe telling me it was meant to be. That's what I kept telling myself!

The calendar ran for 24 days and included miniature samples of their many lip products. Previous to this I had tried the Lip Lingeries and really loved them so was highly anticipating what other lip products where included for me to try. The products included were:

Mini Lip Lingerie (x4)
Mini Matte Lipstick (x4)
Mini Soft Matte Lip Cream (x3)
Mini Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick (x3)
Mini Butter Lipstick (x3)
Mini Butter Gloss (x3)
Mini Intense Butter Gloss (x2)
Mini Simply Red (x1)
Mini Simply Vamp (x1)

I personally found there was a great variety of products and colours included. Some of which I felt intrigued to try such as the dark simply vamp lip cream shown in the first photo and others I knew instantly that just were not for me such as the bright purple intense butter gloss shown in the image above. But that's what I enjoy about calendars like this, you get a mix bag of products to choose from so there will always be something for everyone.

On first impressions I really like the look of the lipsticks and of course the lip lingeries, the reddish coloured one featured below looks gorgeous! I can't wait to try that one out. I also like the look of the lip creams (the simply vamp & simply red ones) and the more nude coloured butter & intense butter glosses but the more vibrant looking ones and the soft matte lip creams are a no from me.
Overall there is many I will definitely be keeping for myself to try out. I think they'll be perfect for future holidays or nights out too as they are the ideal size for travel or to fit in your handbag. The rest I'll be dishing out amongst friends and family as little surprise gifts.
Thank you for reading! Which colours have taken your fancy?
& What did you get in your advent calendar and get for Christmas? 

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