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March 20, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: The Campfire Soiree

Hello and welcome back to the third instalment of Animal Crossing New Horizons! Continuing on from second part of this series where I had gave Tom Nook the materials needed for the campfire preparations, the screen then changed to night time where we are greeted with Tom Nook, Timmy and Tommy stood in front of the newly built campfire and myself, Flo and Goose are gathered round to watch Tom Nook light the campfire. Tom Nook begins a tangent about his latest endeavour and realises the island needs a name. I decided to name my island after my one from New Leaf which was called Sunshine. Mainly because I wasn't feeling particularly creative at the time of playing to think of anything else and felt it was an easy enough name to suit the island. 

After choosing my name option for the island, everyone shouts out their own suggestions all at once before Tom Nook decides that we all take turns saying out loud the different names. Of course, the game sets it up as your suggestion being the first one read out and everyone claps along to the name, leading Tom Nook to decide to go with that one. SUNSHINE IT IS!! YAY!! I think it would have been quite cute to go through other suggestions and choose whether to vote or not. It would have been a cute little immersion into the game, but alas it didn't. I thought Flo's suggestion of "Guitarborough"was my personal favourite ha!

 Welcome to Sunshine! Because my suggestion was chosen I was then deemed the Resident Representative for Sunshine! Double yay! After some great words of wisdom shared by yours truly, we then did a toast to our new island life with our freshly squeezed apple juice, CHEERS!

After the ceremony, I went and mingled with the current island folk before basically being told to go to bed by Tom Nook. RUDE! I wanted to party 'til the wee hours, but for the sake of game progression I did what I was told and headed to my tent where I had three packages to open of furniture; a radio, a lamp and a camping bed and then headed off to the land of nod.

During my sleep, a familiar face from the Animal Crossing series appears, the forever iconic K.K. Slider! He shares some words of wisdom and then syncs the game time to the internal clock of the Nintendo Switch so that the game matches real time. Then the real game truly begins...

Until next time!
Thanks for reading! <3
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