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March 19, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: A New Beginning

Welcome to my brand new blog series! Whether you are a fan of the video game series or not, you will definitely have heard Animal Crossing being talked about across all social media channels at the moment. Especially as it is bringing so much joy, comfort and escapism whilst we're on lockdown. This social simulation game that set is in real-life time and has the playing character living in village - or in this games' case, your very own island! Where you live amongst anthropomorphic animals and play in an open-ended world where you can go fishing, collect fossils, catch bugs, run errands for your villagers, visit friend's villages (or islands) and shape your village (or island) how you want.
Animal Crossing New Horizons continues with these same gameplay features, with the introduction of crafting items, collecting recipes, taking photographs, customisation, chat logs with friends, flying to new islands to collect resources and many more which I'm are in the pipeline for updates throughout the year.

I'd always wanted to document a video game series, something which I've attempted previously on this blog because I personally love seeing screenshots of games and watching/reading let's plays but due to lack of time, I'd lose motivation and it didn't seem relevant anymore. This time I want to change that and have these posts to look back on in the future, see how the island develops over time, the villagers that come and go etc, especially since the Nintendo Switch allows you to take screenshots and Animal Crossing New Horizons has a feature for taking photographs in the game too so it will be easier to document compared to previous consoles I've played on. With this in mind, I want to share snippets of my gameplay, any special events, new features, etc. over on this blog so I hope you enjoy it!

Before I begin the documentation of the gaming sessions. After filling out all the information and creating my character, I began to set off on my journey to my new island. Before I landed on my island, Timmy and Tommy showed a presentation of the Deserted Island Getaway Package of what island life will be like, the sense of community, the activities you can get up to and the beautiful seasons. I couldn't wait to get started and share the memories I create on this game! The imagery is beautiful! Here is what the presentation showed:

Until next time!
Thanks for reading! <3
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