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March 26, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Saharah's First Visit And Tarantula Island

Today we had an exciting arrival to Sunshine, with Saharah showing up to sell her wares. Saharah is a special character on the game who I was introduced to in the original Animal Crossing game on the GameCube, who travels in the game selling rare wallpaper and carpets to the player. In New Horizons she has the same functions with two newly introduced features of buying small, medium and large rugs for your home as well as allowing you to obtain Saharah tickets off her whenever you purchase her wares. With certain rug sizes allowing you to earn multiple tickets. These tickets can then be exchanged for a random wallpaper or flooring from her. The wallpaper, flooring and rugs are all a mystery until after you buy them or exchange them and there is a purchase limit of two wallpapers and flooring each time she visits.

Today I chose to buy a medium rug from her, which ended up being a pink heart rug, super cute! <3
Another eventful moment of today's play through saw me end up on the rumoured Tarantula Island, I can't believe it is actually a real island! Although it feels creepy a f when you land there, the money you make off catching so many tarantulas makes the multiple attacks during the trip worth it. Here is what else I got up to on today's gaming session:

1. Another day, another random ass announcement from Isabelle.

2. A letter of congratulations from Happy Home Academy.

3. A letter from Flick with the piece of artwork he created with the moths I gave him.

4. A thank you letter and present from Dodo Airlines, the present was this cute t-shirt with the Dodo logo on the front.

5. Today's 'outfit of the day'.

6. A new home expansion called for some rejigging of the furniture. And of course a huge loan to pay off from Tom Nook.

7. Learned the Laughter reaction from Flo. So cute!

8. Today's Nook Mile rewards. Collected all the stamps for the Trash Fishin' section.

9. Today's catches of the day; a mantis bug and a tuna fish.

10. Bought these cute items from Nook's Cranny. I love that they sell different styles of nets, fishing rods, shovels, slingshots, watering cans, etc.

11. Today's message in a bottle.

12. Saharah visited Sunshine for the first time and I bought myself a medium rug for my house.

13. Visited the horrifying Tarantula Island *shudders*. I knew as soon as I arrived and Wilbur said "Just watch out for bogeys and keep an eye on your six" that I had ended up there. As he usually says "catch some bees and chop some trees!". It was so stressful trying my hardest not to get attacked but failed miserably. I was attacked multiple times and each time the screen would reload and I'd re-spawn next to Wilbur. The positive from this trip was that tarantulas sell for a small fortune and I made a shed load of money from catching them so the anxiety was worth it! I don't want to visit that island again in a hurry!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading! <3
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