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March 27, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Maggie And Wendy Move In

Welcome to your daily dose of Sunshine...the island that is! Today brought some exciting news! After spending time getting those home plots ready and crafting indoor and outdoor furniture, we had two more villagers move in. Wendy the super cute, blue sheep and Maggie the yellow and orange spotted pig, who I invited to live on the island when I came across her on one of my random island trips. Tom Nook announced that we will be getting the upgraded Residential Services starting from tomorrow, which will become the Town Plaza going forward which means more visits to the island from special characters so I'm excited to see who turns up first. For now though, here is what else I got up to on today's gaming session:

1. A morning announcement from Tom Nook, we have two additional villagers and the Resident Services is now expanding into a brand new building - no more tent! Which will become the Town Plaza. 

2. After playing late in yesterday's post, I used the drop-off box service at Nook's Cranny to sell some items whilst the shop was shut and received the payment today. I like this feature of a curtesy call to let you know. My character is looking snazzy answering her phone with her snazzy floral sunglasses. 

3. With the addition of two new villagers, Tom Nook will start sharing this type of news in future announcements. 

4. The new bridge has been built! Finally I don't have to vault across to speak to the other villagers.

5. Meeting new villager Wendy the blue sheep. She's so adorable! My new fave <3

6. New villager Maggie's house and paying her a visit since we last met on one of the random islands. She gave me a Pansy table recipe.

7. Catching up with Tucker.

 8. Crafted a new Juicy-apple TV to display in my little home. The fruit furniture is one of my favourites.

9. Today's message in a bottle.

10. Today's Nook Miles Rewards.

11. Today's catches of the day: tiger beetle, coelacanth, oarfish and a blue marlin. Win!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading! <3
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