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April 12, 2020

Life In Lockdown: Week 3

6.4.20 - 12.4.20

Happy Easter!

A much better week it has been! The start of the week I was feeling back to my positive self. The sun has been shining brightly and it's been lovely to see. Wednesday we had a work call and I was officially put into the furlough scheme from Thursday until May 31st. I must admit it was a weird feeling at first as work has been the only consistent thing lately and the only sense of normality during all this. But I know there are plenty of positives and there are worse things going on in the world right now. I'm looking at this free time as an opportunity to focus my energy on doing things I love like creating content and playing copious amounts of video games. Wednesday evening I ordered a Domino's and my friends and I finished off watching Blackadder Goes Forth on Discord.

Thursday I was happily surprised with my brother asking me if I wanted to join him on a dog walk near where we live. We don't spend much time together out of the house so I thought it was really nice of him to ask me. It was a grey, cloudy morning but it was still pleasant enough. I took my camera to snap some photos whilst we were out (one of them being the first photo of this blog post). I then spent the rest of the afternoon writing up a handover for work before settling down to play Animal Crossing New Horizons* for hours on end. My friend Amelia and I worked out how to visit each other's islands so we did that, she crafted items for me that I didn't have (thanks Amelia!), traded items and took some adorable screen shots.

Good Friday was spent playing more Animal Crossing New Horizons and trying to get all the cherry blossom recipes and Bunny Day recipes. Now that I have more free time to do so. Then later on took Luna for a walk, where we went to the local park so that she could run around more freely and so I could get myself some fresh air and my daily exercise.

Saturday had a shamefully long lie in. But woke up in time to enjoy the scorching sunshine we had! I donned the bikini top and shorts, my sunnies and my Switch and basked in the sunshine for the majority of the afternoon. Eventually was joined by Luna during my sunbathing so naturally had to rope her into some photographs. We were sunbathing queens! Although she definitely got sick of me haha! Mam made a delicious fish pie for dinner before I jumped on Animal Crossing (I know I'm obsessed!) as it was the first Fishing Tourney since the game was released, so I managed to gain a few prizes. Later on I joined the gang on House Party for two games of Bingo and a general catch up.

Today (Sunday) of course was Easter Sunday and Bunny Day on Animal Crossing so I played on that for many hours, finally getting all the recipes I missed out on during the week. I woke up incredibly early which made up for Saturday's lazy morning and my Mam gave me a lovely Easter card, a box of creme eggs, two boxes of Matchmakers chocolate and two bags of mini eggs, YUM! (Thanks Mam!).

As tomorrow would have originally been our plans to visit Benidorm for my friend's hen do, which was unfortunately cancelled due to what's been going on, two of my friends organised and dropped a surprise outside the bride-to-be's front door of some of the hen do goodies we'd planned for when we we'd be away and a note saying to wear her surprises and open the drinks and be ready for 6pm, where we all put our sunnies on, I rocked my Disney X Tommy Bahama tropical shirt for a 'holiday attire' and we all jumped on Zoom to host a virtual party for her, played a quiz, had a few drinks, have a catch up and singing the TikTok Tiger Savage (Carole Baskin) song that's been doing the rounds lately haha! I came second in the quiz, woohoo! Still livid with myself that I forgot Flo Rida sang 'The Club Can't Handle Me' though, ha! It was fab evening and was lovely to see all the girls <3 A positive end to a all round positive week!

Thanks for reading and stay safe! <3
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