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April 19, 2020

Life In Lockdown: Week 4

13.4.20 - 19.4.20

How is it the fourth week already?!

Kicking off the week by being lazy on Bank Holiday Monday playing more Animal Crossing New Horizons* (yes, I know I've mentioned it a million times haha!), where my friend and old work colleague Juli invited me to visit her island so I had my character pay her a trip. Her island is literally AMAZING!! I love how she has designed and decorated it and I'm jealous of all her cute villagers too hehe!

Tuesday officially marked my 8 year blog anniversary! I can't quite fathom that amount of time spent creating content on this little corner of the internet. Thank you for sticking by me whether you've read this from day one or just today, I appreciate it all the same <3

I woke up ready for a video call with my work colleagues to catch up on life but it was rescheduled so I decided to make the most of the sunshine and take Luna for a walk up around where my brother and I went last week and the views were even more amazing without a cloud in the sky. I made sure to bring my camera and take some photographs, Luna even decided to wander into a shot or two, so I took the opportunity. I also had a mini photoshoot with her overlooking the city as it was completely deserted at the top and I filmed a few clips for a potential Youtube video, if I can get the motivation to make any lately!

When we returned from the extensive walk/photoshoot, it was still sunny albeit slightly breezy but I didn't want to sit indoors so I joined my brother outside, who was gardening and helped pull out weeds all afternoon. The evening was spent eating the most unreal tagliatelle carbonara that my Mam made followed by finally giving into the hype and watching Tiger King on Netflix. I don't usually tend to watch documentaries but I can see why everyone I know describes it as 'mental'! I feel like the real ones of the cast are Erik Cowie, John Reinke, Kelci "Saff" Saffrey and Joshua Dial. With Cowie's response when questioned about Doc Antle's personal life with "I don't f***ing care" was possibly one of my favourite quotes from the series haha and of course the incredibly hilarious and cheesy music videos are worth a watch too.

Wednesday I began filming a few video clips which may be used to go alongside the clips I got yesterday for a vlog on my Youtube channel. The morning was spent on the rescheduled video call with my colleagues to catch up on how we've been spending this recent time off. I also assisted in filming some video clips for a challenge my Dad and his friends had going on. The rest of the day was spent making the most of the sunshine and relaxing in the garden, followed by a dog walk along the beach with my Dad and Luna. I feel very grateful we have these places in close proximity to us. The evening was spent on a Discord video chat with Becky and Kyle where we began watching Firefly.

Thursday was a lazy day. As it was cloudy outside I decided to watch the after show of the Tiger King documentary, followed by finally catching up on watching Money Heist. I then had Bella Ciao stuck in my head on repeat throughout the rest of the evening. With a small interlude to clap for the NHS and key workers. It was also announced that we are to be in lockdown for another 3 weeks. I think it is for the best right now in keeping our loved ones and ourselves as safe as possible.

Friday was another lazy day (bit of a theme this week isn't it!) due to it being cloudy outside again. I started the day with listening to Chris Ramsey and Rosie Ramsey's podcast Shagged Married Annoyed, which is my Friday morning ritual at this point. I spent the rest of the day listening to Stephen Tries podcast and writing up some of my Animal Crossing New Horizons blog posts that I had been planning on creating and got a few of those posted out, so make sure to check them out if you want to give them a read and if you're a fan of the game. I'm always documenting and taking screen shots of games and usually plan on writing them up as blog posts and almost always end up posting them years later due to slacking off, so I've been trying my hardest whilst I have this free time on lockdown to actually post about this game as and when I'm playing on it. The idea is creating a mini series where I document life on my island of Sunshine and what I get up to on it, any events going on, new villagers etc. so I hope you enjoy reading them. I find them fun and enjoyable putting together so I hope that translates. The evening was spent watching the latest episode of Friday Night Dinner. Jim was on top form as always!

Saturday I spent most of it in bed on Animal Crossing New Horizons (shock horror!), my friend Amelia came to visit my island and vice versa. I also checked my bank account for the first time this month and was pleasantly surprised at the result. The positive of staying in, not travelling and not eating out much is doing wonders on my account, so I transferred the leftover money that would have gone on those expenses into my savings. On the evening I got ready and jumped on House Party with the girls for a catch up. We decided last weekend that for this week we'd put our makeup on and get done up for the occasion. I went for this fruity printed number from Warehouse and teamed it with a bright lipstick for a bit of a change up. Two of the girls had disco lights in their houses so they put them on in the background, one had glow sticks and the rest of us boogied along to the best mix of cheesy party tunes. Some of the lads also decided this week to join in on the fun too. It was great to have so many of us together, dancing away online. The virtual party went on into the early hours, it was safe to say I was flat out asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Today (Sunday), I had a lovely surprise as my best friend FaceTimed me. We had a catch up on life whilst both making our respective lunches. Afterwards I went for a short walk to my local petrol station to grab a few items for my Gran and myself. It had been a while since I was there to shop and it still feels surreal seeing the set up and going around the store. The cherry blossoms on the route there looked so beautiful out in full bloom. I then joined my Dad and Luna again for a dog walk at the beach and walked along the cliff tops which had some wonderful views. I took my camera of course to snap plenty of photographs and video footage. On the evening, a rescheduled video call with the girls meant I had the night free to myself, so I spent it finishing off Season 3 of Money Heist and briefly starting Season 4.

Overall it has been a lovely, relaxing and positive week. I feel like I'm starting to adjust to this new normal now and I hope this feeling continues into the coming weeks.

Thanks for reading and stay safe! <3
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