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June 14, 2020

Life In Lockdown: Week 12

8.6.20 - 14.6.20

Monday started off slow. I didn't set an alarm the night before as I had a throbbing headache before bed and I'd decided to try sleep it off. It seemed to do the trick as I felt back to normal when I woke up that morning. I started watching Queer Eye: We're In Japan! and then tried on the clothes I'd bought from last week's online spend at Monki*. There was a few bits that didn't make the cut but the rest I absolutely adore. They always have the best prints and patterns on their clothing. That afternoon I sat at my desk and continued from last week at giving my CV a complete overhaul. Once I had tackled adding the skills and experience from over the last 4 years at my current employment, which was the biggest challenge for me trying to get all that information together, the rest of it was much easier to collate. I still didn't feel fully happy with the layout and structure of it but was happy with the progress I'd made. The evening was spent initially trying to find something to watch but my brain couldn't keep it's focus and concentration for long. I eventually ended up editing some video footage I'd taken a few months ago while on lockdown for a potential Youtube video before finally feeling tired enough to go to sleep.

Tuesday I'd felt the same as how I felt last week. Feeling low and like I'm wasting my life away being stuck in lockdown. I usually have a positive mentality the majority of the time but lockdown has really toyed with my feelings these past few months. One day I feel like my usual happy self, the next day I feel like I'm crashing down. Does anyone else go through this? I just feel a bit hopeless. Because of this my day didn't really consist of much. Last week my friend signed me up to get exclusive access to L'Oreal staff's friends and family sale which took effect this morning so I treated myself to some goodies. There was a 3 item limit so I bought some foundation and concealer from It Cosmetics and a La Roche-Posay tinted moisturiser. I'd been eyeing up those products for a while but I never got around to buying, so took the chance whilst they were discounted. I'm looking forward to using them when they arrive.
The afternoon I spent dabbling in and out of Animal Crossing New Horizons* and finishing off adding the extra information I needed to include on my newly updated CV. It still needs a few tweaks here and there but overall I'm pleased with how it's coming along. I'm hoping I won't need to use it anytime soon but its reassuring to know that its there updated and ready if worst case scenario comes along. Plus it's killed a few hours on lockdown which doesn't hurt either.

Wednesday was the weekly video call with work. I felt really anxious in the days leading up to it and was mentally preparing for what could be said this week. Their update was they are able to bring back two members of staff at the start of July, but I am unable to be brought back yet and am to stay on furlough for the time being. Its going to feel strange being the only team member left not back at work yet but that's just the way things go at the moment and thankfully I have the furlough money keeping finances afloat. When telling my family the update, they didn't think it sounded promising about my job security and maybe it won't be, but for now I've got to take the situations as they come and whatever happens, there's positives in all outcomes. I know I'm in a luckier position than some and am grateful for what I have and that's the focus right now. I'm pleased for my work wives that they can return to some normality.
After the call I went for a drive out into town to pick up a few bits and then finally braved the McDonalds drive-through* for the first time. Although there was a long queue when I turned up, it died down quickly and the service was fast. I'd also rang two of my friends for a catch up and went through some old folders I have of certificates, awards and other achievements and organised them. For movie night this week we watched Ready Player One, a film I'd been recommended by a few friends so I'm pleased I've finally got around to watching it. It had an interesting concept to it but I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would, but still decent enough. Fun fact about it though, the font used on the cover of the book it is based on was designed by my boss. You can view it here. After movie night I watched Chris Ramsey's All Growed Up* tour on Amazon Prime before I went to sleep.

Thursday seemed to creep up out of nowhere. I took part in another Google Digital Garage webinar for "Get Your Business Visible On Google" which was super informative and provided so many brilliant resources that will come in handy for work. My comment on the live chat even got a little shout out which was cool. Afterwards I did some more tweaking of my CV and my LinkedIn profile. That afternoon I bought myself some Frow Presets from Victoria's blog InTheFrow and installed them onto Adobe Lightroom. I can't wait to play around with them on my own images. After that I returned to McDonalds drive-through again to get lunch for my brother and I. That evening I felt so restless and agitated. You know those days where you feel like there's nothing to do and the things there is to do, you're just bored of doing? Even things you know you usually enjoy? Well it was one of those times. I just didn't know where to put myself. I looked online to inspire new ideas of how to use this free time and found a few suggestions and began one of them, which was sorting out the photographs and video clips on my hard drive which killed a great deal of time and took my mind off being bored of being bored for a while.

Friday again, felt the same as Thursday. It just crept up out of nowhere. Gone is that 'Friday feeling' I used to have. Lockdown and furlough makes the days seem to blur. How is it that the expression 'time flies when you're having fun' seem to be the complete opposite in this quarantine? Because I've discovered throughout this lockdown that time flies even more when doing eff all. I spent most of the day escaping into my island on Animal Crossing. I'm almost caught up to real time, hooray! The wedding season update with Reese and Cyrus is so adorable <3 My friend Becky and I visited each other's islands and then I continued playing on my own again. I also listened to the new episode of the Shagged Married Annoyed podcast, followed by the newly formatted At Home With... podcast by The Anna Edit and Lily Pebbles, I'm so happy it is back and is another source of entertainment for me while I'm off work.

The weekend was a mix of social and relaxing. Saturday I had a brief catch up with my Gran and then met my best friend Kate for an hours walk around Herrington Country Park, then finishing off the rest of Queer Eye: We're In Japan! when I returned home. The evening I watched The Masked Singer US and Luna joined me in my room for a cuddle which she hasn't done in a really long time. Heart equals melted! My brother kindly treated me to a takeaway from Port Of Call as they have started doing deliveries. I had the nachos with fried halloumi and sweet potato fries which made a lovely change from my usual go-to cooking choices. I really need to learn to branch out of my comfort zone when it comes to cooking! Sunday I met the gang for another social distancing walk with Luna in tow. We visited Hardwick Park which was lovely. There were so many cute ducks and goslings roaming around. We also saw the Gruffalo, which we joked that if we got too close Luna might run off with it's leg. On the way back I grabbed a McDonalds for my brother and I for lunch and then I lazed about the rest of the day catching up on Youtube videos and finally, FINALLY being caught up to date on Animal Crossing! AT LAST!

Thanks for reading and stay safe! <3
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