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April 27, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Museum Expansion

Hello everyone and welcome back to your daily dose of Animal Crossing New Horizons! Today was a rainy one on the island of Sunshine today and Leif was back on the island with some brand new shrubbery to sell. With the exciting news that the Museum was under going a new renovation to now accept paintings from Redd, there wasn't a huge amount I got up to, so I'll keep today's update brief! Here is what I got up to today:

1. Isabelle announces that the Museum is under going a remodelling. Can't wait for the expansion!

2. Received a cute letter from Wendy in the mail.

3. Today's message in a bottle.

4. Today's purchases from the Able Sister's clothing shop. Super cute!

5. Popped in to see Wendy who talked about hybrid flowers.

6. Tangy had officially moved in today so went and paid her a visit. I love her citrus themed home <3

7. Bumped into Kyle on my wanderings around the island. I like his thoughts on how to spend a rainy day. Tbh that is literally me on lockdown right now too ha!

8. Went to pay Leif a visit at the Town Plaza and bought myself some new flowers and shrubs.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading! <3
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