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April 04, 2020

Life In Lockdown: How I'm Spending My Downtime

Hello everyone, hope you are safe and well! I mentioned in my previous lockdown post about how I had made a list of ideas for things I can do with my downtime during lockdown. Today I thought I'd share with you my list. They may not be catered to everyone and I may not get around to doing everything on the list but hopefully my ideas may spur on a few suggestions for how you can spend your downtime too. Here are my plans:

♡ Record Youtube videos
♡ Edit old video footage for Youtube
♡ Update my Youtube banner
♡ Organise old photo albums on Desktop
♡ Edit old photos of travels & other adventures
♡ Learn to colour grade on Adobe Premier Pro
♡ Update my blog template
♡ Complete drafts of old blog posts
♡ Write new blog posts
♡ Research new blog post ideas
♡ Scan polaroids onto laptop
♡ Scan old photographs onto laptop
♡ Have regular phone calls with friends and family
♡ Have video calls on House Party with friends
♡ Spend time in the garden (preferably with Luna)
♡ Update information on social media channels
♡ Create new Twitter account
♡ Add alt text to Instagram posts
♡ Update skills on CV
♡ Get loads of cuddles off Luna
♡ Do online pilates and yoga classes at home
♡ Go for walks
♡ Organise and have a clear out of wardrobes, drawers, shelves
♡ Tidy up my desk
♡ Practise taking photographs with my Polaroid camera
♡ Play games on my Xbox
♡ Play games on my Nintendo Switch
♡ Take photographs for Depop account
♡ Edit photographs for Depop account
♡ Set up new product listings on Depop account
♡ Write and update my diaries
♡ Clean out my car
♡ Start a new TV series
♡ Start a movie marathon
♡ Delete photos and apps off my phone
♡ Declutter my external hard drive

Thanks for reading and stay safe! <3
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