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April 09, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Wisp's First Appearance

After returning from Amelia's island, Atlantica, I had received a visit from another special Animal Crossing character, Wisp. Wisp is a spirit who appears between 8pm and 4am. I think I was introduced to Wisp when I played the original Animal Crossing or possibly New Leaf, however I don't really remember having much interaction with him.

I found Wisp wandering the back of the island behind my house. After starting up a conversation, he got scared of my character, thinking it was a ghost and his spirit split into different parts and flew away. The reasoning for his scared reaction was because he hadn't seen a human on the island for a long time and asked my character to fetch 5 spirits that are floating around in random areas of the island. I happily obliged and grabbed my colourful net to catch the floating spirits.

After retrieving all 5, I returned back to Wisp and he turns back into his former self. In exchange for doing so, I am rewarded with two options, either I can get an expensive item from him or an item I do not already have. I chose the latter and received this crap life ring, a bit anti-climatic but never mind it was a new item at least! Hopefully next time I get something a bit more exciting!

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