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April 16, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: A New Villager Arrives, While An Original Leaves

Hello and welcome back to my daily dose of Animal Crossing New Horizons, a mini series where I give you a brief summary of a day in the life on my little island of Sunshine.
Just a small update for today as there isn't many events going on at the moment. Today has seen the arrival of new wolf villager, Kyle to the island, who I met on one of my visits to a different island yesterday. He lives across the waterfall from other new villager this week, Claudia the pink tiger. A sad and monumental moment for me on the game already has seen original (OG) villager, Goose the chicken decide that he is packing up and leaving Sunshine for good (*cries*). Although I did tell him to go so it is my own fault, I immediately regretted it as he was one of my initial villagers and he's actually a really friendly villager and one of my pals, so I'm gutted I've let him leave. Does anyone else get attached to certain villagers? Or am I just a bit of a saddo? haha! Note to self: think these decisions through first before deciding! I wonder who will move into his home instead going forward now, I hope it's another friendly villager to make up for such a devastating loss!
On the topic of moving villagers, the new plot I built yesterday near my house has already been bought by a character that I didn't meet on a different island. So Vladimir will be moving in soon, I've had a look on the Wiki Fandom page for Animal Crossing and Vladimir is a pink bear cub with a cranky personality, typical! I always get stuck with Cranky villagers in my previous games I've played and they do my head in on these games haha! Maybe it's karma for doing Goose dirty like that. Anyway here is the run down of my time on the island today:

1. Isabelle announces the arrival of new villager Kyle.

2. Received some new K.K. Slider songs in the post and added to my record player. I love all the different cover art.

3. Discovered that a new villager is moving into the plot I built yesterday, Vladimir the pink bear cub.

4. Saharah was visiting today so traded some Saharah exchange tickets for both new wallpaper and flooring. I also bought some too and quite a few rugs in different size ranges.

5. Went to visit new wolf villager, Kyle to say hello. I don't tend to like many of the male villagers in my other Animal Crossing games as I tend to get stuck with cranky, miserable ones but this villager seems cool.

6. Paid Claudia, Tucker and Beardo a visit in their homes.

7. Checked up on my hybrid flower breeding and have 3 pink mum flowers, an orange hyacinth, a black rose and a newly growing pink tulip.

8. Bought this cute fashionable royal dress from the Able Sisters.

9. Today's message in a bottle.

10. Sad times! Goose admits he wants to leave Sunshine for good. Still not over it, clearly!

11. Wendy chilling on the beach in the sunshine.

12. Learned the Mistake reaction from Tucker.

13. Visited another island to get some more materials.

14. Today's catch of the day is a Snapping Turtle! Donated it to Blathers. I can't wait to catch another one as I like to keep them as a pet in my AC home.

15. Got a new recipe from Claudia. She might be the cutest villager I have right now <3

16. Today's Nook Mile reward.

17. The pretty moonlight over the island.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading! <3
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