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April 06, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: April 6th

Another day, another instalment of Animal Crossing New Horizons! Today again, was another quick play through that didn't have much going on event-wise so I focused more of my time on gathering more resources to craft items and catch loads of fish to earn money to put into savings and work towards paying off my next loan with Tom Nook. It's also still the Cherry Blossom Festival and a few more days before Bunny Day so I was still on the look out for those materials and recipes too. Here is what else I got up to on today's visit: 

1. Isabelle's daily announcement discussing a meteor shower.

2. Received a silver plaque from Happy Home Academy.

3. Today's Nook Mile reward.

4. Today's message in a bottle.

5. Catch of the day: Madagascan sunset moth.

6. Gained a new recipe from Flo. An apple umbrella.

7. Learned the Curiosity Reaction from Wendy.

8. More egg collecting for more Bunny Day recipes.

9. Tucker having a stroll.

10. Wendy doing some afternoon exercises before having a nap by a pond outside her house.

Until next time!
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