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April 08, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Label's First Visit

Today we had an exciting arrival to Sunshine, with Label showing up in the Town Plaza today for the first time. Label is a special character on the game who I was first introduced to in Animal Crossing New Leaf as the third sister of the Able Sisters, who worked in the accessories department of their clothing store. In New Horizons, she appears after you have built the Able Sisters' shop in your town. 

After speaking with her, she is now a travelling fashion designer who sets you a fashion challenge. She will give you a clothing item of a specific theme. The item you are given you get to keep afterwards too which is good for those of us who like seeing all the clothing in the game. As you can see below I got an apron and the theme to put together was a 'work outfit'. Unfortunately I didn't have any clothing both in my house's storage and there wasn't any clothing in Able Sisters to complete this challenge so I left it, but next time I'll give it more of a go. I've since read up on these fashion challenges and have more of an idea now on how it works. I found this Nintendo Life guide a huge help.

In completing her challenges you can earn a tailor's ticket in the mail which can be exchanged for any clothing item at 3,000 bells worth or less, ka-ching! Or you can also be rewarded with special items from Label's own fashion line. Hopefully the next time she visits I will have a theme I can work with and apply to clothing I have available, fingers crossed!

After chatting with Label and having the initial introduction to her and her fashion challenge, I continued to get up to some other bits and pieces whilst playing today. Here is the daily round up of what happened on today's gameplay:

1. Starting off the day with crafting the outdoor picnic set that Isabelle shared in her daily announcement the other week.

2. Collecting more Bunny Day recipes.

3. Nook's Cranny looking bright and colourful. I hadn't seen it in the sunny weather yet since it was first open.

4. Tucker fishing and relaxing by the river.

5. Today's catch of the day: an agrias butterfly! Pretty colours <3

6. Wendy having a yoga session on the beach with the cherry blossoms floating around.

7. Visited another island to gather more resources and materials.

8. Tucker and Maggie having a yoga session at the Town Plaza.

9. Wendy looking adorable on her shopping trip. Loving the bow in her hair and flower bag.

10. My 'outfit of the day' outside my newly expanded house.

11. Label visited Sunshine for the first time. 

12. Catching up with the villagers. Learned a new recipe off Flo and listening to Maggie gush about the cherry blossoms.

13. Today's messages in a bottle.

14. The pretty dusky sunset by the pier.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading! <3
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