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April 14, 2020

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Claudia Moves In

Hello and welcome back to my Animal Crossing New Horizons mini series. Today on the island of Sunshine was very short lived and therefore an incredibly short update today. The main update of the day is, as the title of this post reveals, the arrival of the pink tiger and the cutest villager I have so far, Claudia. The only documentation I have of life on Sunshine today mainly focuses on that, here is the very brief update of what else happened today:

1. Isabelle announces the arrival of new villager Claudia.

2. Received my first lot of Nook Miles for having a villager move into a home plot that I bought.

3. A present from Dodo Airlines for flying with them so much. The present this time was a Dodo Airlines eye mask.

4. I went and visited Claudia at her house, which is situated above mine next to the waterfall.

Until next time!
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