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April 09, 2020

A Dog Walk To Tunstall Hills

Yesterday I found out I was being furloughed at work starting from today, so this morning I finalised the handover for my colleague before I finished working for the foreseeable future. The whole situation took me by complete surprise at first but I see many positives in having this free time now (catching up on odd jobs I needed to do etc.) so I don't feel worried. Once I was done with my work for the day, my brother asked me if I wanted to join him on a dog walk with Luna so I decided to tag along. It was really lovely to spend time together just the two of us out of the house as we don't normally. A part of me wondered if he suggested it to cheer me up incase he thought I'd been upset or maybe he just wanted some company for a change, ha! Either way, I thought it was very kind of him to ask. So off we went to visit Tunstall Hills.

Tunstall Hills is a local nature reserve and an open space full of grassy and rocky hills that overlooks various areas of Sunderland. On one of the hills is a triangular statue that is a great viewpoint over the city. On a cloud-free day you can see out for miles and spot various landmarks and points of interest. Even though today was cloudy, there was still some lovely views. 

• One of the main landmarks of Tunstall Hills is this triangulation point.

• Views of the local houses and fields from the highest point.

• The happiest doggo enjoying every second of her walk

Whilst we were up here walking around, I snapped some photographs of Luna looking cute as always whilst waiting for my brother to play fetch with her <3

Even though it's only a short drive away from where I live, it has been years since I'd visited up here. I remember as a kid, my friend Jen and I would visit up here whenever I was over her house, which was often. We'd climb trees and go for walks up, get covered in mud and she was always sensibly dressed for it, whereas muggings over here never learned her lesson and would get stung by nettles every. damn. time, ha! Was worth it though for the adventures we had and there was always a tub of Sudocrem on hand when I got home to take the stings out. Being up here again after all those years brought back a lot of nostalgia and made me question why I don't visit here more often. I definitely want to visit again. Hopefully the sun will be shining next time!

Thanks for reading! <3
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